How to Come Up With an Amazing Science Fair Display

Science fairs are important, even for any student attending school. A student is expected to create a display that is interesting and eye catching and should prove to be well-scientific. Every student wants his project to be better than anyone else’s so they can make their parents proud and get a good grade.


How do you come up with an amazing science fair display that beats everyone else’s in every possible way? It’s simple! Just follow these ten steps and you will have your stellar science fair display.

  • Use a blackboard for the main support that will be the projects backbone. It’s the graphic display of your project. Select strong material that won’t twist.
  • Make your words stand out. To do that you must use bold markers and colors. Write it in a big font that can be read from far away but make sure it’s all understandable so do not use light colors! Or what you can do is type it out in bright colors and print it out on high quality paper.
  • Use words that aren’t too difficult to understand. Your vocabulary should be good, but not too hard to decipher for the readers
  • Make a heading that is catchy and is different. It should be concise but attractive. Be creative!
  • Write a good report with proper introductions, your purpose statement, all the information behind the project and what your procedure was when you did your experiment and include all the data and figures.
  • Make notes. While doing your project, write notes simultaneously so you do not forget any of the steps that you have taken. Make sure they are detailed and include the time and date as well for more accuracy.
  • The citation is important. Don’t just put your sources without citing them. Include a proper bibliography with it just like you would when writing a term papers. Include all the guidance.
  • Make a draft. This should include your abstract. It will help the judges understand your project well.
  • Do not use any harmful products. Staying safe is important so follow all the safety rules, dear student!
  • Paint a good picture of your project. By that I mean you should help your judges imagine your project well. You can show some of the items through pictures or bring them to the fair itself.

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